The Best Way To Remove Tattoos Safely And Naturally At Home

While that tattoo you got 30 years ago seemed like a good idea at the time, your girlfriend Irma has been long gone for 29 of those years. Now, you have a nice job in a clean office and you’d like to forget about Irma, but her and that winged unicorn on your arm are pretty hard to forget. Plus, your new wife and children keep asking about Irma, so what can you do? You can try several of the different non-laser ways to remove your tattoos naturally. Here are some of the best methods.

There Are Various Reasons Why People Try To Remove Them

It’s not just old girlfriends that end up getting removed. Sometimes people are trying to forget events that are depicted as well. But every time they look at their tattoos they’re brought right back. Then again, some of the tattoos that people pick out at 18 years old, like that marijuana leaf, don’t have the same relevance when you’re 42 and coaching Little League Baseball.

In addition to all of that, many older tattoos start to fade and the colors begin to run together. This makes the original image look old and weathered, not the impression you’d like people to see, even if you still are a fan of the original artwork. It’s like wearing a 25-year-old pair of shoes, good in their day, but not so much anymore.

It Will Take Some Time To Get Good Results

One thing that you’ll have to realize is that removing tattoos is going to take time, no matter which method you use, even lasers. The huge difference though is going to be the cost, a laser tattoo removal might cost into the thousands of dollars, depending on how large it is and how many visits it takes.

The best at-home method is called salabrasion and it involves using the skins natural process of regrowing and replacing itself. What you do when you do your own tattoo removal, is speed up the process by exfoliating your skin repeatedly. You constantly remove the top layers of your skin and then allow it to heal. You just have to go a little deeper to get at the tattoo inks that are down several layers below the surface for the process to work.

The key here is to have patience and keep working and eventually, the tattoo will slowly disappear. The method is generally pain-free and you can use common ingredients that can be found at the local grocery store or drug store, cheaply. These are some of the same ingredients that many people use to exfoliate their skin in order to look younger as well.

Some of the most common exfoliating ingredients are going to be found in the skincare departments of the major pharmacies and drug stores. You can get either a chemical exfoliate or an abrasive, they will both work, but the abrasive is a little faster and more painful.

Getting rid of those old tattoos also has an upside, by exfoliating your skin you will be bringing newer, softer, and younger looking skin to the surface. You’ll want to use the process on your entire body when you see how much younger your skin looks where you removed your tattoo.